In the Name,the Passion.

Solania was founded with the clear intention of cultivating its passion and converting it into genuine specialties. But SOLANIA name wasn’t chosen by chance, it derives from the latin “Solanaceae” name used to identify the big family of Dicotyledonous Angiosperm to which tomatoes belong: in the name, the passion.

Once harvested, the tomatoes are selected, then seared and peeled; after this first step of transformation, they are selected once again. A “modus operandi” that allows Solania D.O.P San Marzano tomatoes to maintain all its organoleptic characteristics, thanks to a genuine process of transformation which respects the natural delicacy of this product.


agg. Something which does not contain any substances which are alien to its own nature; not adulterated or counterfeit.
From the Latin word genuinu(m), which stems from genu (knee), hinting at the act of taking a son on one’s knees as a sign of formal recognition.
Synonyms: natural, pure, sincere; homemade, traditional, home-cooked

Solania’s mission statement is based on this definition: both a starting point and ultimate goal to pursue. It’s the hallmark of the entire production chain of the company, which has made the D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes its core product.

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We've been looking far away since 1993

After years of works and a long experience in growing and selling our tomatoes, the Napoletano family, led by the young Giuseppe, by founding SOLANIA, decided to undertake a new professional experience. The success of San Marzano peeled tomatoes, the core product of the company, was immediate.

Their genuine taste, resulting from a careful selection of raw materials and a transforming process very close to an artisanal one, was soon appreciated by experts, restaurateurs and good food lovers in Italy and abroad.

A still growing company!

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